pacific-outdoors-disc-golf-goal__51-dntjv-lThe disk golf basket is used in the disk golf game. This is the main component of the game and also of the disk golf course. The disk golf basket consists of a chain holder that is attached to the top of a pole. The pole will be placed firmly on the ground.

The dimensions of a disk golf basket are decided by the authority who conducts the tournaments in the disk golf game. In the game, when the disc hits the chains and drops into the basket the hole is complete. In a golf course, the number of disk baskets to be kept varies depending upon the size of the golf courses. A minimum of 9 baskets are kept in a golf course. Most of the golf courses have 18 baskets. Larger golf courses that have 21, 24 or 27 baskets are also there. There are permanent golf baskets in the golf course. But here are also portable ones available in the market.